Sometimes, we will not get it right. That is okay. We can start again.

My results after I restarted.


On Monday, I decided to introduce new dishes to our household. I was excited to cook tamale pie, plantains, and pupusas. I ordered all the ingredients, reviewed the recipes, and planned. When I started, I forgot to soak the plantains, I burned the bottoms of the plantains, and I left out the cream corn for the tamale pie. Ay! It was such a disaster. For a moment, I thought, “Forget the plantains and pray the tamale pie comes out edible.” But instead, I started again. I had enough plantains left to soak and cook them properly. My mixture for the tamale pie had enough creaminess with the combination of the cornmeal and the sauce to take the place of the creamy corn. Thankfully, the pupusas came premade, so I had to cook those only.

As leaders, we look at situations and think, “What a disaster!” You’re right, but the blessing is we can start again, and three of the leadership lessons I learned from this situation were:

  1. Sometimes, we will get it absolutely wrong.
  2. Sometimes, we will get it partially right.
  3. Sometimes, we will get it absolutely right with help.

No shame exists in starting again. The shame is in knowing you have a disaster and choosing to abandon the endeavor without a solution or pushing on without acknowledging the problem. When we look at the bible, how many times did God start again with us? God put Adam and Eve out of the garden for sin, but He gave them the tools to survive. The world was so sinful God sent a flood, but He started over with Noah’s family. Sin entered the world and brought death, and God sent Jesus to save us and give us eternal life. God did not make the mistakes; we did. However, He gave us a chance to start again. What mercy!

I messed up the dishes for the new meal, but choosing to start again allowed my household and me to have one of the most delightful meals I have eaten. This is the benefit of learned lessons. We know where the bottom is and can build a stronger foundation. Thus, if you find yourself in a position where you have messed up, do not make excuses, acknowledge where you went wrong, and start again. How you develop as a leader depends upon it.


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