In my previous posts, we discussed the types of people that would best fit within your team. The right people bring richness to what you do. However, even with the right people, you still need another element to make your team “that team.”

#10 Create a culture that is high-purposed.

Often, I ask, “If you don’t know your why, why are you doing it?” In other words, you need to understand the purpose behind your actions. Your team wants to know their purpose within your vision. They want to know that they are a part of that something special that you are doing. If they are not working toward your purpose, why did you bring them into the team? You must create a culture teeming with purpose. Thus, your first thoughts should settle on, “What can WE do today to accomplish the vision?”

Like everyone, your team needs a place to fit in and utilize who they are as people. Sometimes, it is not easy ensuring that they do feel a part of what you do. I have had to work a little harder to include people in my vision and dreams. I have no problem working alone and getting the work done. Yet, as I said previously, you need various perspectives to give your vision richness. To include people more, I ask their general thoughts, how they would approach a situation or react. When giving assignments, I share why the task is important, so they can understand their role in the big picture. Also, I give them space to ask questions and make suggestions. Whether I agree or disagree with what they have said, my actions have said to them you matter to the vision. Most times, I try to include a bit of what they have given me or ask them to develop it a little more, leaning toward a particular direction. People appreciate these gestures, and when you do them, they will feel that they are a part of a high-purposed culture.


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