In my previous post, we discussed the importance of a high-purposed culture. A high-purposed culture gives your team a sense of belonging and direction. Also, it allows them to see how their smaller part plays into the bigger picture of your vision. Thus, when you gather your team, it is extremely important to allow them to work for that purpose and create the right environment for them to thrive. Another avenue to a thriving team culture is creating an environment in which they have valuable relationships, hence, the next tip.

#11 Create a culture that has high relationships.  

When you are a part of a high relationship culture, it feels more like family than friends. By comparison, you receive similar support to being in an extremely loving family.  Together, you work harder, celebrate with one another, toil through life circumstances, and show up for each other. When it comes to getting your tasks done, the situations are more enjoyable, and you are determined to get it right as a team. All around, respect exists for every individual, the team, and the leadership because everyone is working to see all win.


Unfortunately, I have had an experience where leadership did not believe in a high relationship culture. Our leader’s attitude and behavior sought to divide and cause fear. He wanted us to feel conquered, defeated, so we would bend to his will. Nevertheless, through it all and certainly because of God, we had people that came together to do what was best for the team.  Under the hardship, we drew closer together, and I was able to experience some of the previously mentioned positivity.

Great relationships are the keys to our success in this world. We need God, and we need one another. As leaders, God has given us much, and we have a responsibility to take care of those we lead. If you take care of the team, the team will take care of you and your vision. Go the extra mile, and they will go beyond what you give. If you have not, start building a high-relationship culture today and allow the rewards to flow over you.


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