In my previous post, we explored simple strategies you can employ to create systems that provide repeatable and dependable results. Many strategies exist, but the three strategies we mentioned were using a checklist, a form, and a “How to…” sheet, video, or manual. In this post, we will continue our exploration of actions you can take to create better practices in your business, ministry, or organization.

#15 Remember you are not the only option.

When I embraced the concept that I was not the only option, I experienced a bit of release. So often, because we are building the visions from the ground up, we feel like our lack of participation or input will cause our venture’s vision to fail or not meet the highest standards. This is not necessarily true. Do you remember post #9 of this series, where I mentioned the need for diversity to create richness within your vision?  Other types of richness exist, too. Richness exists when you are de-stressed, have peace of mind, and have time to rejuvenate. We know that nothing is heavier than the demands we place on ourselves when seeking to achieve. By leaning into the mindset that you are not the only option, you remove the pressure from yourself. So, how do you relieve the pressure?

You can enact several practices to relieve the stress of trying to do it all. The first step is to delegate. What can you give away? You keep the things that are within your genius zone, meaning you love to do it and you’re great at it. Then, give the other tasks to those who can do it and desire to do it. The second step is to listen to others’ ideas and have them draw up a plan as to how to execute it successfully. Upon inspection and approval, allow them to execute the plan. A third step is to contract out. This is so helpful. For example, I can market, but I have contracted a marketing assistant who knows how to do it even better.  A fourth step is utilizing resources that are already available to you. We do not have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, improve upon it by adding your ideas. Here is a fitting example. When someone else has authored an article that aligns with your ideas, piggyback off that article. Be sure to give them credit but add your spin to make it unique to your followers.

We could talk for days about implementing various practices, but for now, implement these four I have mentioned, if you have not started. In addition, share some of your ideas. We are on this journey together. As we implement these healthy practices, we will enrich each other’s lives.



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