At this juncture in the series, it is obvious that we need to strategically plan. We need to plan how we move toward our vision, in our vision, and after our vision has manifested. If this is true concerning our vision, is it not true concerning our life after we have reached our job goals and shifted from the everyday grind of our careers? Absolutely yes. Not considering what happens next can leave us feeling lost.  But thankfully, it is only a feeling, and feelings can quickly change. In tip sixteen, we encouraged you to start thinking about what happens next. However, it is not only about what we may want to do, but also, it is about how well we do it.

#17 Build a well-rounded future for yourself.

You have thought about what you want to do beyond the job, but is it enough?  When I think of well-roundedness, it takes me back to my collegiate days when leadership consistently prompted us to be well-rounded students. The goal was to allow us access to certain opportunities. These opportunities required not only our intellectual ability but also our ability to bring rich diversity.

When I apply the concept of well-roundedness to life, I look for the activities that hit the high notes in my life. The high notes are actions that are deeply satisfying, meeting those diverse needs and desires.  Hitting these high notes provides me with balance in my life, leaving no room for overzealous efforts to feel fulfilled.  In his Full Focus Planner, Michael Hyatt prompts us to consider these areas of our lives.

  • Spiritual
  • Parental
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Vocational
  • Physical
  • Avocational
  • Marital
  • Financial

I believe the best plan to ensure we feel satisfied in our lives is to plan now how we may address each area in the future. Take a moment to imagine what the ideal setting would be for each of these areas. What goals do you want to meet? Even if you have retired already, you still have time to plan for the high notes of your life. Of course, life happens, circumstances change, but with planning, we can control the satisfaction of our wants and needs. For me, I feel for certain that I would still like to go on adventures, write, spend time with family, continue growing in my faith, lend my service to those in need, and build. Since I know this now, I can start thinking of ways to complete these goals in the future. By expressing our goals, we embrace the opportunity to live well for the remainder of our days, leaving no regrets in the midst. How will you build your well-rounded future?


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