At Christian Children’s Empowerment (CCE), we empower children through the Word of God, so excellence is the standard, not the exception. We believe the way to empower is to encourage + educate + equip. Thus, we believe in both the spiritual and practical aspects of biblical teaching. To fulfill our mission, we utilize four programs within CCE. We have free bible study lessons and articles for children, young adults, and parents. We complete various mission work. This division is called The Lifting Hand. We are building an online school for children covering a variety of subjects and utilizing multiple teaching methods. This school is called Empowerment University for Children. Our final aspect of CCE is the global mobilization of empowerment around the world. Therefore, we have launched the Intrafaith Media Group, which encourages others from around the world to share their empowering events for youth. We know that we cannot do it all, but we can do it all together. To connect with the main CCE site and stay up-to-date about what is happening, visit Also, connect with us via social media at, Instagram @thecceway, and Twitter @thecceway

Free Bible Study Lessons (including Articles)

We are here to assist families, ministries, and others in having successful bible study where everyone can learn a spiritual lesson but walk away with action steps to impart what they learned in their lives. We provide a main lesson that you can use in the home or classroom. Then, we emphasize that lesson based on age group and status via our extension sites. Our extension sites include the following groups: Embarkers (2 and younger), Explorers (3-5), Enthusers (6-8), Emergers (9-11), Envisioners (12-14), Emblazers (15-17), Excellers (young adults), and Enlighteners (parents).  Click here to start learning more. 

The Lifting Hand (Mission)

When CCE started our primary goal was to provide free bible study lessons to children around the world. Eventually, mission work became a natural part of what we did. Programs such as Bags of Blessings and Filling the Gap emerged and relayed how we could change the lives of children and their families in the smallest ways.  It is our mission to teach the Word of God, but it is our compassion to meet needs that drives people to invest in what we do. Mission work is the place where everyone can fit. Thus, if you are searching for ways to be a part of change, connect with us. Click here for more information. Click here to join the Facebook group.

Empowerment University for Children (EUC) 

It was during CCE’s teaching and mission work where I found myself desiring to do more for the children we were serving. It was not enough for me to help them learn during the volunteer weekend classes. Yet, for these orphaned children the financial cost or education was  overwhelming considering the struggle to obtain the basic necessities. However, they were not the only ones struggling. Even in places where access to better education existed, children, parents, and teachers struggled for a plethora of reasons. Thus, EUC was born. Click here to learn more. Join the Facebook group here

Intrafaith Media Group (IMG)

Our task is monumental. We know as an organization we could never do it all, but we say that we can do it all together. It has been our goal at CCE to utilize international partnerships to achieve our goals. Thus, the eventual formation of IMG. We have set up a specific website and Facebook page to advertise about global programming that empowers children. Organizations can apply to have their event published via these specific sites. For those who hope to have a certain level of success, they can speak with us further about advanced advertisement opportunities. To learn more, click here. Join the Facebook group by clicking here

Do you have a question or suggestion? Contact me using the form below. 

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