Last year, I hosted my first summit, Level Up ^ Launch into Your Purpose. It was a success. Everyone walked away on fire for the next stage, and I want to continue building this fire.  Christian Executives are individuals who are decidedly ready for the next level, desire to launch or have launched into their purpose, and are dedicated to living their lives faithfully and successfully. They are entrepreneurs, church leaders, community leaders, organization leaders, speakers, authors, etc. They are people like you and me, who have said to themselves I am ready to live my purpose and do so fully. Learn how we are helping Christian Executives like yourself achieve their goals.


I am deeply passionate about living my purpose, and I know that all aspects of life affect how I do so. Thus, it is important to me to feed my whole person to do so faithfully and successfully. If you are like me in this way, explore my blog below, comment, and share. 

Private Group

Do you want to interact with others who are levelling up and walking in their purpose with passion? Ask how you become a part of our private Facebook group and participate in monthly Zoom calls designed to help you continuously move up. 

The Executive Package

Do you need to fill out your Christian Executive resume? Ask about this special package designed to help you more fully walk in your purpose, personalized with individualized help from me. This is an 8-week program commitment with limited space. Cost: $997


When we walk in our purpose, we want to do so successfully, and we need various tools, strategies, and inspiration. Thus, Empowerment University for the Christian Executive. Click  here to explore today. Do you want to teach a class? Ask how.

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Today, I had an opportunity to participate in an online seminar where we learned how to maximize our digital products. In the online seminar, Cami Farey said, “Perfectionism is the enemy of making money.” At that moment, I could not have agreed more. The presenter shared […]
Learn what three tools I used to build my websites easily and efficiently. Also, learn the five questions your foundational pieces should answer when building on social media. For more information, connect with me. Watch on YouTube at          
At this juncture in the series, it is obvious that we need to strategically plan. We need to plan how we move toward our vision, in our vision, and after our vision has manifested. If this is true concerning our vision, is it not true concerning […]

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