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Do you feel overwhelmed by all that is “expected” of you? Do you want a moment to just breathe, for someone else to pick up the load that feels so heavy? In this interview, Claire shares how she felt the same. However, when God started knocking down walls and building a new foundation, she gained a new perspective on what she needed and what God expected of her versus what people expected of her. Listen to her story and how you can overcome too.


When Kim said yes to God, that’s when her life became uncomfortable, but it became uncomfortable in a positive way. As God changed her life through a variety of difficult circumstances, He opened her eyes to the bright spots in her life, sealing her purpose to help others find theirs. Now, she helps the multi-tasking mom (and many others) step closer to God and find their bright spots. In doing so, they become bright spots in the lives of others.


She needed an answered. An ongoing issue at her daughter’s school forced her to think about what needed to happen next. However, when God called her to homeschool her child, she felt in no way ready for the challenge. Yet, as she trusted God, He equipped her, provided resources, used others to bless her, and grew her spiritually during the most challenging stages. In the end, it was all worth it to see her daughter’s success. Now, she wants to help others as God so graciously helped her.


Her teacher’s words left a hole in her heart, and the hole became bigger as others reiterated that damaging message, stripping her layer by layer until she found the strength to say no more. The moment she found her strength, she started to glow, and as she glowed, God purposed her with helping others glow. Now, she helps others dig for the gold inside of them. Listen to Dr. Crystal Clay’s journey to triumph and how she is helping others find their triumphant moments.


Have you experienced the protecting power of Psalm 91? Can you testify to its power in your life? In our interview with Dee Price, she testifies to how her mother’s insistence of her learning Psalms 23 and 91 became the protective shield she needed for her life, how she continues to use Psalm 91 as a shield in the life of her family, and how its protection came to fruition even in the lives of nonbelievers.


You’ve lived the “American Dream”. You’ve had the job, the family, the house, and all that comes with it, but what happens when you lose it all? What inside of you will keep you going? What will fill the hole that declining health has revealed? Will you give up, or will you ask God to save you? That’s the question Jeff Gamwell had to answer for himself. He shares his journey of how he lost it all, and how God revealed he had all he needed – Him and the purpose for his life.  


In this episode, author and speaker Lindsay Morgan Snyder shares her journey of how she learned to let love in. After dealing with the heartbreak of dating life, Lindsay found herself calling out to God. When she called, God answered, and she started this wonderful journey of learning to love herself, truly putting into context the scripture of love thy neighbor as yourself. Whether the neighbor is the hot guy down the street or someone we meet randomly, we can love better if we understand that God is the cake in our lives and others are the frosting. #LettingLoveIn


What happens when you come face to face with one of the greatest tragedies of your life again? That’s what happened with today’s guest Elizabeth Cantu, who had to relive the tragic death of her seventeen-year-old sister because the one who caused her death moved in across the street. For eighteen months, she struggled, but God was working during that time. Though it was a struggle, she came to a place of peace, and God gave her something greater to give to the world as a result.


When we go through challenges in life, we never know where they will lead. However, we know that if we put it all in God’s hand, our mess can become a message. It is a message that heals. It is a message that brings restoration. Ultimately, it is a message which reveals purpose. As I sat down with Karina Hudson, five-time author, and founder of Blended not Shaken Ministry, it was apparent that God has taken her seemingly broken pieces and created this masterpiece.


What if what you love became what you needed to fight through the darkness? I sit down with Sarah Wright, author of Thriving through Seasons to talk about how she overcame the looming darkness by doing what she loved. 


Where God wants to take you is beyond what you imagined. However, to get there, you must first say yes, surrendering all to Him, allowing Him to work through you and others in your life. Often, what we see as obstacles, disappointments, and shameful situations, God sees them as opportunities to bless others. This was revealed, as I sat down with Billy and Yolanda Jackson, who shared their challenges of reaching the point where they were truly powered by God.


I had the opportunity to interview a power couple in the ministry, whom I have had the privilege of knowing all of my life. As they have allowed God to reshape their lives, they have excelled in multiple areas of their lives. It’s never too late to start, and what you prepare today will help build the future for others. Ultimately, what we do is for others, so they can know who God is through our tests and trials. It’s all for His glory! 


I had an opportunity to sit down with writer, author, and producer Nikki Miller to talk about her journey into the Christian film world and her project Change of Heart, which has become a multi-dimensional outreach for hope and change. Three statements of wisdom I gathered from our chat are as follows: (1) Your path to success starts early in life. Set yourself up for it; (2) the difference between you making it in life and not is God; and (3) your story is for someone else. Tell it.


In this interview with mindset and manifestation coach Dalila Conaway, author of the book Manifest: Walking in Faith & Favor and the producer of The Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit and the Manifestation Mindset Masterclass, she shares how God took her from perpetual life disappointment to embrace the greater He desired for her. Manifestation is a process, and through the process, it is when we discover the greater God and the greater He wants to develop in us.


She is “The Hope Coach”, author of Unarmed but Dangerous, and the co-producer of the upcoming movie Eagle without Wings. I connected with her because we have similarities in that our mothers and grandmothers used their voices to empower us. Though she was born without certain limbs, her mother told her that there was nothing she could not do, and her grandmother told her at four years old that God had given her everything she needed to do the things she needed to do. 

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