If you think hard, you can remember the first time she said you can do it. You remember how you felt, the sense of pride when you accomplished what she saw in you, and the joy to want to do more once you realized you could do it. For me, the first women to influence my life in such a powerful way were my mother and my grandmother. For you, the “she” may be an aunt, a sibling, a cousin, a friend, or someone else close to you. Whomever it may have been, something special occurs when you realize what “she” said you could be. Her words spoke a power into your life, and now, that she has empowered you, you can empower others.


In this post, I include an interview with speaker and writer Tawana Williams. She is “The Hope Coach”, author of Unarmed but Dangerous, and the co-producer of the upcoming movie Eagle without Wings.  I connected with her because we have similarities in that our mothers and grandmothers used their voices to empower us. Though she was born without certain limbs, her mother told her that there was nothing she could not do, and her grandmother told her, at four-years-old, that God had given her everything she needed to do the things she needed to do. If she did not have it, she did not need it. Eventually, she believed it, and what she has become today is a greater fulfillment than imagined.


Proverbs 18:21 reminds us that there is life in our tongues. Literally, we can speak life into other people’s lives just as God spoke life to create. Today, as you watch this interview, I want you to think about how you can speak life into someone’s life. What greater do you see in them? What could they fulfill with the empowering touch of your words? How can you help them see that they can permit themselves to be great?



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