Living inside each of us is a gift waiting to be stirred and brought to fruition. Often these gifts are born out of hardship, pain, and sometimes simply inexplicable experiences. But what happens when the gift is stirred? What happens when we are able to overcome the barriers which have encased this gift meant for the world to experience?

When I had an opportunity to sit down with writer, author, and producer Nikki Miller, I found that those uncaged gifts give hope to others.  In her interview for my platform Christian Writing & Speaking (CWS), she shared how God stirred her consciousness to face her own childhood issues to unlock the hope He wants others to experience. While she writes about hope and redemption, it was her forgiveness of others that allowed God to forge the path of a redemptive story that leads to a great freedom only experience when we are free of our past.

When you click to listen to her interview, not only does she share her journey of becoming a writer and producer, but also, she shares the inspiration behind her project Change of Heart. Though it is not specifically her story, it is an alternate view of what happens when childhood trauma is not addressed. Through the storyline, we are reassured that we all have the power to overcome, if only we turn to the one who is the Great Overcomer.





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