How often have we heard this phrase? “It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish.” When all seems lost and nothing will go right, we have to remember that God is working in the background to get us to the place where He always wanted us to be. We may think our mistakes have counted us out, but if we trust God, obey the Holy Spirit, our journey will lead to a place of abundance. We can’t despise the small beginnings, and to execute the spiritual, practical means are a necessary part of the process. We can dream, and God will give us the expected end He always wanted for us, one of hope, joy, and love.

I had the opportunity to interview a power couple in the ministry, whom I have had the privilege of knowing all of my life. As they have allowed God to reshape their lives, they have excelled in multiple areas of their lives. It’s never too late to start, and what you prepare today will help build the future for others. Like David made preparations for his son Solomon in the building of God’s temple, God is making daily preparations in our lives for us to fulfill the tasks He has for us. Although He is preparing and building through us, ultimately, what we do is for others, so they can know who God is through our tests and trials. It’s all for His glory!

Click below to watch this outstanding interview with Donell Smith and Yolonda Troupe Smith.


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