Where God wants to take you is beyond what you imagined. However, to get there, you must first say yes, surrendering all to Him, allowing Him to work through you and others in your life. Often, what we see as obstacles, disappointments, and shameful situations, God sees them as opportunities to bless others. This was revealed, as I sat down with Billy and Yolanda Jackson, who shared their challenges of reaching the point where they were truly powered by God.



Billy and Yolanda Jackson are the authors of the book I Thee Wed: A Couple’s Journey to a Godly Marriage, and together, they run Live in Peace Ministries. Once living life in pieces, God placed them on one accord to create a beautiful mosaic, taking all the broken pieces and revealing the beauty of a Godly marriage. Now, their testimony of how God empowered them to be the couple they are today is breathing life into marriages everywhere. They want people to know that you can fight your way back, forgive, and make love the victor, if you trust God to bring you through your situation. Listen to the interview below.




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