When we go through challenges in life, we never know where they will lead. However, we know that if we put it all in God’s hand, our mess can become a message. It is a message that heals. It is a message that brings restoration. Ultimately, it is a message which reveals purpose.

As I sat down with Karina Hudson, five-time author, and founder of Blended not Shaken Ministry, it was apparent that God has taken her seemingly broken pieces and created this masterpiece. Despite facing multiple challenges and disappointments in her previous marital life, she allowed God to bring healing and restoration.  As she healed, God was developing a greater plan to help families around the world by sharing her and her children’s stories. What will you walk away with after hearing her testimony? You will hear that “it is possible”. Click the links and listen to her story. Maybe in hearing her story about divorce, shame, abuse, and restoration to marital happiness, you will find healing in your situation.

Podcast Link: https://www.pandora.com/podcast/christian-writing-and-speaking-cws-with-jacqui-wilson/PC:56034

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